what is the point of Mother's i ?

what is the point of Mother's i ?

There are multiple functions for helping a mother.

Can monitor your baby all the time by the live video

You will be able to check your baby status anytime by your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Through the live video, you will find any issues immediately. Because using iPod, iPad or iPhone, so the view is more clear than normal web camera.

No need web camera

No need for a web cam the application just needs two IOS devices. You can use your present iPhone, iPad or iPod and used ones.

No need WiFi

No need for WiFi the application uses the latest communication terminal (it won't be available for some devices).
Don't worry about paying high cost for data roaming!

Simple operation

This will automatically find the last device that was connected.
You are not required to register for a membership.

Capture dark scenes more brightly

Adjusting image brightness will assist you to take photo in the dark room when child is sleeping.
It is not necessary to use the flash function and wake the child up.
During photographing, the screen of child's side will be automatically turn off.

Check the child's status by voice

You can hear the child's voice and movement from room, so it is not necessary for you to go and check on the child.
If you are focusing on a tack, it is possible to turn off the screen and use the voice setting only.

Useful alert setting

Under difficult occations to turn on the sound, use the alert setting.
The alert tone sounds when the sound volume of the room is at a fixed level or greater.

Make sweet memories

The devise can take photos from main devise (mothers side) to the other side (child's side)
The mother side makes a shutter sound but on the child's side it will make no sound.
The data will be saved to the main one.

No peep from a third party

There will be no third party visitation because there is no need for internet connection.
This uses a new connection each time so there will be no confusion with others as well.